Asset Search Notice for Halnure Ltda, of Uruguay

This Asset Search Notice is made by Black Eagle Litigation Fund ( You may contact us at

We seek any information on assets located outside Russian Federation and Switzerland, owned by or registered in the name of:

Halnure LTDa (Halnure SA)
incorporated in Uruguay
date of incorporation: 23 March 2006
number in the corporate register: 3048
registered address (as per our records): Circunvalacion Durango 1429/2D, Montevideo, Republic of Uruguay / Juncal 1305, Floor 21, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay

The information sought is to assist in the recovery of funds allegedly embezzled from Togliattiazot, a Russian corporation.

The publicly known facts are:

Togliattiazot (TOAZ) is a major exporter of ammonia, based in Russia.

The Russian police (Investigation Committee of Russia) declared in court that Halnure LTDa is associated with fraud committed against Togliattiazot and is under the control of persons indicted for the alleged fraud.

The substance of allegations is that an allegedly fraudulent transfer pricing scheme was used by Togliattiazot’s majority shareholders and managers to artificially deprive Togliattiazot of significant part of its profit, shifting this profit offshore, where it was selectively shared by those shareholders. Togliattiazot as an entity and its minority shareholders were thus financially harmed.

The following court decisions were passed in connection with arrest of assets registered in the name of Halnure LTDa:

  • By Komsomolsky District Court of Togliatti on 27 February 2013, in connection with criminal case no 201223575;
  • By Samara Region Court (Appeal Instance) on 16th April 2013, case no 22-1355/13;
  • By Basmanny District Court of Moscow on 7th October 2014;
  • By Moscow Court of Appeal on 24th December 2014, case no 10-17423/14.

Black Eagle Litigation Fund may offer remuneration for any valuable information leading to asset seizure and eventual recovery. Any data shared with us must be legally obtained (as per applicable law) and must be legal to share.

The statements in this asset search notice should be read subject to understanding that the charges and allegations in any indictment are only accusations, and the defendant is considered innocent unless and until proven guilty by a court of law.